Assessment Process

Physicians who are selected to participate in the Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) will be sent an email requesting completion of several pre-assessment documents. The email will be sent to the email address listed in the College registrant database.

Note: Physicians are responsible for ensuring that their contact information is current at all times.

Steps in the process

  1. Physicians must complete a Pre-Visit Questionnaire describing their type of practice.
    Note: If the practice type is a multi-physician clinic, the clinic’s medical director will be contacted and must complete a Medical Director Pre-Visit Questionnaire. All physicians at the clinic are also required to complete the Pre-Visit Questionnaire.
  2. PPEP staff will review the Pre-Visit Questionnaire to determine eligibility. Physicians who are ineligible will be notified by letter, while eligible physicians will begin the assessment process. The diagram below outlines the stages of the Physician Practice Enhancement Program.

  3. Assessment process begins:
  4. A report is generated and shared with the physician, including an overview of recommendations for improvements, directed actions, and ongoing education as required.

Post-assessment feedback

Physicians who have completed the PPEP assessment process will be sent an online post-assessment questionnaire seeking their feedback. The post-assessment questionnaire is anonymous and provides the program and the College with valuable information for future program developments.

CME credits

Participation in the PPEP may qualify for continuing education credits in the following programs: