Advisory Committees

Advisory committees report to the DAP Committee, which determines whether a diagnostic facility should be accredited to provide a diagnostic service in British Columbia. The advisory committees enable the DAP Committee to make the best possible decisions by providing advice and guidance on medical, technical and management issues related to accreditation.

Radiography and Radiation Safety Advisory Committee 

Mr. C. Andrews
Dr. P. Baxter
Mr. S. Brice
Ms. J. Burns
Ms. A. Bymoen
Mr. G. Chong
Dr. R. Cropp
Dr. L. Filipow
Dr. N. Hunter
Ms. R. Jhawer
Ms. S. Pettypiece
Ms. C. Stratychuk
Dr. W.W. Yap
Dr. C. Yong-Hing 

Computed Tomography and Radiation Safety Advisory Committee

Mr. C. Andrews
Dr. P. Baxter
Dr. F. Cafferty
Dr. L. Filipow
Dr. S. Gupta
Ms. D. Huebner
Ms. K. Mead
Ms. K. Smith
Dr. Y. Thakur
Ms. S. Volk
Mr. S. West
Dr. K. Wong

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advisory Committee

Dr. R. Attariwala
Mr. S. Brice
Dr. J. Clement
Ms. B. Dale
Dr. L. Filipow
Ms. C. Houston
Dr. D. Klass
Ms. C. LeBlanc
Dr. A. Mackay
Mr. O. Morosan
Mr. M. Pucsek
Ms. K. Stasyk
Dr. Y. Thakur
Dr. W.W. Yap
Mr. S. Yim

Ultrasound and Echocardiology Advisory Committee

Mr. B. Barton
Ms. T. Coleman
Ms. A. Deforge
Dr. S. Gupta
Dr. F. Halperin
Mr. D. Pendergast
Dr. K. Shetty
Ms. K. Statham

Neurodiagnostics Advisory Committee

Dr. K. Chapman
Dr. W. Gittens
Mr. B. Goddard
Mr. V. Obradovic

Polysomnography Advisory Committee

Ms. D. Bauln
Dr. R. Comey
Dr. R. Cridland
Mr. I. Galeon
Mr. R. Kang
Dr. W. Lai
Dr. A. Minhas
Mr. D. Thomas
Dr. D. Wensley

Hematology Advisory Committee

Dr. N. Au
Ms. M. Chao
Dr. J. Doyle
Dr. C. Ho
Ms. J. Korstrom
Ms. D. Marshall
Mr. J. Yakimec

General Laboratory Medicine Advisory Committee

Ms. K. Alves
Dr. Y. Brierley
Dr. M. Chen
Dr. D. Hardy
Mr. I. Miller
Ms. B. Singh

Transfusion Medicine Advisory Commitee

Mr. D. Gouthro
Dr. D. Morrison
Ms. D. Mueller
Dr. A. Shih

Chemistry/Point-of-Care Advisory Committee

Ms. R. Coates
Dr. A. Fung
Dr. D. Hardy
Mr. C. Lee
Ms. B. Melney
Ms. K. Ng
Ms. V. Roy
Dr. S. Wong

Anatomic Pathology/Cytology Advisory Committee

Ms. N. Gale
Mr. D. Lim
Dr. R. Power
Dr. D. Schaeffer
Ms. T. Sturby
Dr. J. Terry

Microbiology Committee

Dr. M. Charles
Ms. D. Danskin
Mr. W. Jang
Ms. B. Jaswal
Dr. C. Lee
Ms. K. Mannan
Dr. P. Tilley
Dr. B. Wang

Cytogenetics Committee

Dr. L. Brown
Dr. H. Bruyere
Ms. M. He
Dr. A. Minor
Dr. R. Mueller
Ms. E. Roberts
Mr. M. Sytchougov