Community Spirometry

Spirometry Quality Control Program

Spirometry is a useful diagnostic test commonly performed in a variety of settings; however accurate results are dependent on careful technique, and proper equipment calibration and maintenance. The American Thoracic Society (ATS) and European Respiratory Society (ERS) have recommended a number of procedures to reduce variability including the weekly testing of flow volume measurements and biologic normal subjects. Under the DAP Spirometry Quality Control Program, facility personnel at each site perform quality control procedures, and spirometry measurements on BioQC subjects according to the DAP protocol. The results, which are submitted to the DAP twice each year, give an indication of any areas of concern with the spirometer or performance of the tests.

For new community spirometry facilities

All new facilities and services within an already accredited facility must proceed through the initial assessment process prior to service delivery or patient examinations.

For facilities undergoing significant change in service

An existing accredited facility must report any significant change in service related to: physical location (relocation/extensive renovation), equipment, leadership, interpreting physicians or surgeons, scope of testing and staffing model. Reporting occurs by completing and submitting the following form.

For service cessation or facility closure

Facilities discontinuing an accredited service or closing completely must provide written communication in the form of a signed letter from the medical director confirming service cessation or facility closure and the effective date. Submit the written communication by email to

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