Community Neurodiagnostics


In April 2020, the College's DAP Committee approved the Community Neurodiagnostics Accreditation Standards.

For new community neurodiagnostic facilities 

All new facilities and services within an already accredited facility must proceed through the initial assessment process prior to service delivery or patient examinations.

*In addition to submitting this completed form, registrants intending to provide neurodiagnostics services in the community must submit a credentialing letter confirming that they are credentialed for EMG services. If the registrant also performs EMG services within a hospital, the credentialing letter can be requested from the respective health authority. Registrants who only work in a private facility should review and following the credentialing section on the College's website.

For facilities undergoing significant change in service

An existing accredited facility must report any significant change in service related to: physical location (relocation/extensive renovation), equipment, leadership, interpreting physicians and surgeons, scope of testing and staffing model. Reporting occurs by completing and submitting the following form.

For service cessation or facility closure

Facilities discontinuing an accredited service or closing completely must provide written communication in the form of a signed letter from the medical director confirming service cessation or facility closure and the effective date. Submit the written communication by email to

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