Guide to Services / FAQ

To view a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about library services, please click here.

Library services

Library services are free to College registrants.

Literature searches 
Our  librarians' expertise save you time and ensures a thorough search. Ask us to produce a list of articles on a subject of your choice. We will search using:

  • MEDLINE and other medical databases.
  • the library’s online and print collections.
  • the web and other resources, as appropriate.

Search results will be sent with links to full-text articles where available. We can also source full-text articles from outside our own collections - just ask!

Journal articles

  • Free delivery service via email, mail, fax, MediTran/Medi-Express courier.
  • Loansome Doc - our PubMed LIBID is BCCBCP.
  • Up to 200 free journal articles per calendar year from our collection and the UBC libraries. (C$3 plus GST per article charged  over the 200 article limit).
  • Any interlibrary loan or over-limit fees are refundable to physicians through the Doctors of BC CME Fund.

Books - online and print 
Access over 5,000 print books and 500 e-books, including Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. We can also access UBC’s collection for you for free, or order items from other libraries for a small fee. Loans are for three weeks. Renewals may be made by phone or email and are subject to availability. Return postage for mailed books is included.

Cites & Bytes and monthly updates
Cites & Bytes, our monthly newsletter provides you recent articles of interest via email and on our web site. The library also offers monthly updates on specific medical subjects or journal tables of contents. Please contact us for more information on monthly updates and tables of contents.

Audiovisual materials and apps
Free web-based audio and video clinical lectures available.

Online search training
Personalized, individual sessions are available on request.  Training may be in-person at the library, or through workshops presented in partnership with the UBC Division of Continuing Professional Development.

The library subscribes to more than 2,500 online full-text journals, including The Lancet, BMJ, Mayo Clinic Proceedings and numerous titles from the Clinics of North America series.

Point of care tools
BMJ Best Practice, ClinicalKey, RxTx, Access Medicine, DynaMed Plus.

Online databases 
MEDLINE, PsycINFO, CINAHL, Cochrane Systematic Reviews databases, and more.

Loansome Doc
Loansome Doc is a feature of NLM's free MEDLINE interface, PubMed, enabling users to request documents directly from the College Library.

To register for Loansome Doc:

  • In PubMed, choose the articles that you would like to order by clicking in the box to the left of each citation.
  • In the "Send To" box, select "Order".
  • Choose "Sign-up!".
  • On the first screen "Registering for a Loansome Doc Account" under "Select your Library" click on the "skip this step" link.
  • On the "Enter Library Identifier" screen, type BCCBCP in the LIBID box and click "Continue".
  • Fill in all required fields on the following screens, verify your information, and click "Complete Registration".
  • On the "Place Order" screen, a summary of your requested articles will appear. Click "Proceed to Delivery Options".
  • On the "Delivery Options" screen, make any changes if required, agree to the "Copyright Compliance" and click "Continue"
  • The "Confirm Order" screen is a final summary of your requests. Click "Send Order".
  • The "Order Sent" screen confirms that your order has been sent. This screen has a printer friendly option if you would like to print or save your request for your records.
  • The College Library will fill your request as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours for our in-house titles, or within a week for items that need to be obtained from UBC libraries.

Services - with charges to registrants (+ GST)

  • Photocopies (over 200 articles/year) C$3/article.
  • Interlibrary loans C$7/article (minimum).
  • Non-College registrants C$120/year on approval of the director.

College Library Strategic Plan 2018

Vision: Protect the Public.

Mission: Provide physicians in BC with easily accessible, high quality, reliable, and current clinical information to protect the public.

Strategic Priorities

         Service Delivery

  • Document delivery.
  • Literature searches.
  • Teaching and outreach.

Service Transformation

  • Integrate the library services into physicians’ electronic practices.

Outreach and Promotion

  • Enhance and expand partnerships.
  • Promote the library brand through electronic and in-person communication channels.

Organizational Capacity

  •  Determine additional efficiencies and streamline processes to support staff’s workload.

September 27, 2017