Licence Renewal

All physicians registered with the College must complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their practice and pay a renewal fee at the end of February of each year. Physicians who neglect to complete the process by the deadline are subject to penalties and may have their registration suspended. Physicians cannot practise medicine, prescribe or charge for services rendered without being registered with the College.

The annual licence renewal process is conducted online through the College website. Notification of the the licence renewal process is provided by email to all registrants in late December and early January each year.

Important dates to note

January 1Start of annual licence renewal
February 1Deadline to complete the Annual Licence Renewal Form and payment of fees
March 1Penalties applied for late licence renewal and late payment of fees
April 1Suspension for non-renewal of licensure or non-payment of fees

Renewal fees and penalties

The annual licence renewal fee for 2018 is $1,685.

Late payments received after March 1 will be subject to a $500 penalty. For each unpaid month thereafter, the penalty increases by $100 increments. A registrant's licence will be suspended on April 1 and will not be reinstated unless the following are met:

  • fees are paid in full
  • penalty is paid in full
  • Annual Licence Renewal Form is completed in full

For more information regarding registration fees, please refer to Schedule A of the Bylaws.

Technical requirements

Technical RequirementsSupportedNot Supported
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Internet Explorer 9 or better
Mozilla Firefox 14 or better
Safari 5 or better
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge

Note: Lower versions may cause viewing problems
Operating Systems

PC: Windows 7 or better
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PDF Viewer

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Email requirements

For completion of the annual licence renewal process, registrants must also provide an email address. To ensure that important notifications do not end up in the spam or junk email folder, please add the College to the safe senders list.

Note: The College does not publish nor does it provide registrants' email addresses to outside agencies. Only confirmation notifications, reminders and College-related communique are sent electronically. For more information, please refer to the College’s corporate policy regarding Distribution of Information/Material On Behalf of Third Parties via Broadcast Email or Other Communication Channel.


Receipts are ready within two (2) to five (5) business days after completion of the entire licence renewal process. To access the receipts, log in, click the Financial tab under My Account.

Registration status

The physician directory allows individuals to verify whether a registrant is currently registered and licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. The data contained in the physician directory is dynamic, pushed in real time from the College register. It is the most up-to-date and accurate depiction of a physician's registration information

There are two methods in which a registration status can be viewed:

  1. Logged in (registrant) view - a College username and password is required.
    1. Log in to the College website.
    2. Once logged in, click View My Profile.
    3. Under Public Profile, the registration information is displayed in the format that is displayed in the physician directory. The registration status is listed under each of the tabs (Main, Education, Regulatory Actions).
  2. Physician directory search - username and password not required; accessible by public.
    1. Go to the College website, click Physician Directory.
    2. Search for the physician's profile by entering the first name and last name.
    3. The registration status is listed in the physician directory profile, under each of the tabs (Main, Education, Regulatory Actions).

If a health authority requires confirmation of an active licence, please contact the College directly for relevant licence information that is not available on the website. Any confidential information related to the licence will require the physician's consent and completion of the Request for Certificate of Professional Conduct form.