The College grants short-term registration for up to six months to physicians from other jurisdictions for a variety of reasons, which allows them to provide limited medical care in a specific circumstance. This includes physicians who want to familiarize themselves with aspects of the Canadian medical system, or who may come to demonstrate or teach a procedure in which they have expertise, or to acquire expertise in a particular procedure. In all cases, a formal letter of request to the College from a supervising physician is required.

Visiting physicians cannot practice independently or bill – they are subject to supervision at all times. Specialist physicians applying for this licence must hold certification for the scope of their intended clinical activity in BC from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC), or from the relevant certifying body in their jurisdiction of practice immediately prior to applying for registration. Family physicians applying for this licence must have certification from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or satisfactory postgraduate training in family medicine consistent with the applicant’s defined responsibilities and acceptable to the College.

Application Process

Please allow six weeks for the application to be processed.

  1. The College must receive a written letter of request from a supervising physician along with a copy of the visiting physician’s CV. These documents must arrive together.
  2. The written request must come from a registrant in the full class who is in good standing and who:
  • agrees to supervise and be responsible for all clinical contact the visiting physician may have with patients and will ensure the visiting physician’s compliance with the College’s professional standards and guidelines; 
  • details the duration, parameters, responsibilities, benefits and goals; and
  • explains the nature and extent of the intended supervision.
  1. Once the written request and the visiting physician’s CV have been reviewed by the College, an application package will be emailed to the visiting physician. The approval letter from the College will be emailed to both the supervising physician and the visiting physician. The College requests that the supervising physician review the approval letter carefully as it contains important information about registering a visiting physician.
  2. The application form should be completed by the visiting physician.
  3. The visiting physician is required to arrange for certificates of professional conduct (CPCs) to be sent from the most recent jurisdiction in which s/he has trained/worked. It is essential that the CPC is mailed or emailed directly to the College by the issuing body.
  4. All required documents must be sent to the College with the application.
  5. Upon arrival, the supervising physician must review the visiting physician’s passport to verify identification. The supervising physician must then forward a signed photocopy of the visiting physician’s passport along with a signed confirmation of identity form within the first two days of licensure.

Additional Information

Visiting physicians are required to submit the following documents to the College

  • completed application form
  • a photocopy of their original medical degree and specialty diploma
  • a photocopy of their passport
  • certificate(s) of professional conduct (dated within 60 days prior to arrival)
  • completed consent to a criminal record check form
  • confirmation of identity form
  • a registration fee of C$140