Independent Practice

Applicants who meet all of the requirements of the full class of registration and have paid the applicable fees may engage in independent, unsupervised medical practice within their scope anywhere in the province.

Class of registration


Permits a registrant to practise medicine within the scope of his/her education, qualifications and experience without any restrictions or supervision.


Permits a registrant to practise in the field of musculoskeletal medicine, primarily in the musculoskeletal system and associated conditions. Osteopathic registrants may not practise primary care obstetrics or surgery.

Registration is a multi-step process

Phase 1: Initial application via Medical Council of Canada

  • physicians apply directly to the MCC via their online portal and pay relevant fees
  • application information is downloaded directly to the College's database for review

Phase 2: Eligibility review and secondary application package

  • credentials are reviewed and verified
  • secondary application package is emailed to the applicant

Phase 3: Receipt of secondary application

  • preliminary screening of all documentation

If an applicant provides a fully completed application, including all of the required documentation, and no follow-up is required, phase 3 can be completed within one week.

Phase 4: Processing the application

  • any required follow-up takes place in this phase
  • if critical information is missing, an application will not advance until it is received
  • if missing information is not critical, an applicant may complete a waiver to submit the documentation by a specified date
  • once an application is accepted, an interview may be scheduled by the registration department

If no further action is required, phase 4 is typically completed within six weeks.

Phase 5: Verification and registration

  • the applicant completes required documentation and pays licensure fees
  • if registration is granted, a letter detailing the registrants licensure information is provided via email

Following the completion of documentation and fees, a licence will be issued in one business day.

Phase 6: Monitoring

  • follow-up on outstanding waivers
  • review of compliance with time-limited undertakings
  • review of undertakings involving professional conduct or health issues

Monitoring occurs as required while the physician is registered and licensed.