Registration in the provisional class permits a physician to practise medicine with specific limits and conditions that must be met within a specified time period granted by the Registration Committee, including the requirement to have both a sponsoring organization and a supervisor approved by the College. A provisional registrant may also be required to complete other requirements as directed by the Registration Committee such as completing Canadian qualifying exams.

Expectations for sponsors can be found here.

Guidelines for supervisors can be found here.

Eligibility requirements for supervisors can be found here.

Not sure what class of registration you are eligible for? Follow the questions in these flow-charts to determine if you may be eligible in either the full or provisional class of registration:

Family practitioners who are eligible for registration in the provisional class should also review the eligibility requirements of the College of Family Physicians of Canada for the award of certification without examination at

Specialists who are who are eligible for registration in the provisional class should review the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada's website regarding specialty training requirements which set out the duration and the content of required training at

Application Process

Health Match BC

IMG applicants seeking registration in the provisional class must contact Health Match BC in order to start a pre-screening process. This government funded recruitment agency assists applicants by reviewing their credentials and providing advice regarding the College’s registration requirements. Health Match BC may also provide information and guidance on immigrating to Canada, identifying a position in an underserviced area, recruitment, and spousal employment opportunities. Health Match BC will forward documentation for potentially eligible applicants to the College and direct applicants to apply to the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) via their online portal. Applications will not be considered without supporting documentation from either Health Match BC or an identified third party.

Part I – pre-screening assessment

Once Health Match BC forwards the required pre-screening information to the College and the applicant has completed the first part of the MCC's online application, the College will conduct a preliminary assessment of credentials. This information is reviewed by the Registration Committee to determine if the applicant meets the basic eligibility requirements.

Once the pre-screening assessment and corroborating documentation have been received, they will be reviewed by the Registration Committee within eight to ten weeks. The outcome of the review is forwarded to the applicant within four weeks of the review.

If the outcome of the review is favourable, the College will provide a letter outlining the requirements that must be met prior to an application form being completed. This includes items such as completing the Medical Council of Canada’s Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I, meeting the College’s English language proficiency requirements, and verifying credentials. Prior to an application package being completed, it is essential that the College receives a formal written request for the applicant’s employment and registration from the sponsoring organization (either a health authority or the faculty of medicine, UBC) which:

  • recognizes that they are the sponsoring organization,
  • names the applicant’s proposed supervising physician (which must be approved by the College), and
  • indicates that the position they have designated for the applicant is in an area of the province considered under-serviced by the Ministry of Health.

Once the applicant has obtained a valid Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), they may then proceed with the immigration process and obtain a work permit.

Part II – application package

Once Part I of the process is complete, the applicant or their recruiter will be sent an application package and provided access to the second part of the MCC's online application.

Contact Health Match BC to begin the provisional licensure application process.