Registration and Licensing

The College has legislated registration requirements that must be met before a physician can obtain a licence to practise medicine in British Columbia. The role of the College and its authority to grant registration are set out in the Health Professions Act and the Bylaws made under the Act.

Before making a decision, the College carefully reviews an applicant’s credentials including education, training, and relevant practice experience. The College also checks an applicant's character references, and health status, and carefully considers any outstanding investigations, disciplinary actions or practice restrictions from other jurisdictions to ensure that only qualified, competent and ethical physicians are granted registration and given a licence to practise medicine. Physicians who are registered with the College are referred to as registrants.

Primary‐source verification of qualifications and documents is a fundamental part of credentialing. All qualifications and documents submitted by applicants must be verified by the source organization. To carry out primary‐source verification, the College relies on the completion of official forms and certificates issued by the source organization and sent directly to the College. The College also relies on the services of the Physicians Credentials Registry of Canada for verification of an applicant’s medical degree and other basic credentials.

Applications from physicians seeking registration with the College are reviewed by the registration department. Physicians who do not meet all of the requirements for obtaining registration in the full class for independent practice may be eligible for provisional registration, which permits them to practise medicine with limits and conditions granted by the Registration Committee.