Methadone 101/Hospitalist Workshop

Saturday, April 1, 2017
Space available
Vancouver, BC

The Methadone 101/Hospitalist Workshop is presented by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia as an introductory workshop in the use of methadone for the treatment of opioid dependence and in the provision of methadone prescribing for hospital patients (both for analgesia and opioid dependence).

The College welcomes all health-care professionals to participate in the Methadone 101/Hospitalist Workshop, including nurse practitioners, nurses, and pharmacists in both community and hospital settings.

The workshop comprises a series of didactic lectures on the pharmacology of methadone, methadone use in pregnancy, counselling techniques and the peer practice assessment process, which will prepare physicians and other health-care professionals as they enter this challenging area of addiction medicine.

For those wanting to pursue an authorization to prescribe methadone for opioid dependence, the afternoon is comprised of the physician-patient interviews, which are conducted in small groups and are designed to develop skills for treating this group of patients.

For those wanting to pursue an authorization to prescribe methadone in a hospital setting (both for analgesia and opioid dependence), the afternoon is comprised of interactive case presentations on hospital care. It will also cover the use of methadone for analgesia, the role of the hospitalist, initial evaluation of methadone maintenance patients, dosing and management of withdrawal symptoms, and discharge from hospital.

All inquiries can be directed to the BC Methadone Program at 604-733-7758 extension 2628.