Loss or theft of a controlled drug or substance is a reportable incident

The Non-Hospital Medical and Surgical Facilities Accreditation Program (NHMSFAP) has received reports of loss or theft of a controlled drug or substances (CDS). Facilities are reminded of the College’s Medication Management accreditation standard and the requirement to secure CDS.

Non-hospital facilities should review their medication management policy and procedures to decrease the risk of loss or theft and to ensure CDS are appropriately stored and managed (see MEDS1.4 of the standard).

Loss or theft of a controlled drug or substance is reportable to the NHMSFAP Panel on the Reportable Incident Form. Clinical information may be left blank; however, a summary of events and actions taken must accompany the form. Local law enforcement should also be contacted to determine if a police report needs to be filed.

Any loss or theft must be reported to Health Canada within 10 days. Guidelines to reporting and the required form are available on the Health Canada website.

Information regarding notification (Health Canada, police) must also be included in the summary of events submitted with the patient safety incident form.