Post-operative responsibility for managing patient concerns following surgery at a non-hospital facility

Do patients know who to call for post-operative concerns? Registrants must provide clear instructions on how and when to contact them for post-operative issues.

Patient safety incident reviews: sharing learning

The following information and recommendations are being shared to assist facilities in their continuous quality improvement.

The Non-Hospital Medical and Surgical Facilities Accreditation Program Patient Safety Incident Review Panel has reviewed incidents where the inability to contact the most responsible physician was a contributory factor to the severity of the patient safety incident. 

Registrants and facility staff are reminded of the College standard Care Coverage Outside Regular Office Hours.

In addition, registrants must be available and provide contact information to patients following surgery at a non-hospital facility. If they personally are unavailable, they must arrange for coverage and provide a contact number.

Other than in an emergency, it is not acceptable to direct patients to the hospital ER as the first contact.

It is always acceptable to direct patients with emergencies requiring immediate attention to call 9-1-1.