IV procedural sedation training requirements

In accordance with the recently updated IV procedural sedation standards, non-anesthesiologist physicians who administer or direct the administration of IV procedural sedation and analgesia (IV-PSA) are now required to complete initial training in IV-PSA and refresher training every five years.  

Registered nurses who administer IV-PSA and/or monitor a patient under IV-PSA, with the exception of nurses who have worked in a hospital post-anesthesia care and/or critical care unit within the last three years, are now required to complete IV-PSA refresher training every five years.

Medical directors are reminded that non-anesthesiologist physicians and registered nurses who have not completed IV-PSA training within the last five years will be required to complete IV-PSA training by June 2021, and evidence of this training must be on file at the facility.

Medical directors are responsible for ensuring that the IV-PSA course content includes both theory and in-person/hands-on components which meet the necessary skills competencies in IV-PSA for their non-hospital facility. 

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