Upcoming changes to office assessment process in PPEP

Each year, hundreds of physicians participate in the Physician Practice Enhancement Program (PPEP) assessment process. A PPEP assessment includes three components: a multi-source feedback assessment; an assessment of a registrant’s clinical practice; and an office assessment.

Changes coming in 2020 to the current assessment process will affect the office assessment component. In future, information gathered on the pre-visit questionnaire will be used to identify key office deficiencies that the registrant will be expected to address prior to the on-site visit by a College assessor. PPEP staff will help guide registrants through this process as they are selected to participate in the program. Updates will be provided when a timeline to implement the changes has been confirmed.

The office assessment component is based on College practice standards, which reflect mandatory requirements for community-based clinical offices, and PPEP assessment standards. It includes questions on areas such as emergency medication and equipment, safe vaccine and medication storage and handling, infection prevention and control fundamentals, and office operational aspects.