2020 annual licence renewal begins January 1

Annual licence renewal begins January 1, 2020. Here’s what registrants need to know in order to be prepared.

Important annual licence renewal dates and milestones

January 1, 2020: start of annual licence renewal season
February 1, 2020: deadline to complete the Annual Licence Renewal Form and payment of fees
March 1, 2020: penalties applied for late licence renewal or late payment of fees
April 1, 2020: suspension for non-renewal of licensure or non-payment of fees

Retiring or resigning before February 29, 2020

Registrants planning on retiring or resigning can submit a resignation form before February 29, 2020 to be exempt from the 2020 annual renewal process. Further details about retirement/resignation options can be found here.

Prepare documents

  • BC driver’s licence (for verifying a registrant’s identity for the criminal record check)
  • Method of payment (credit or debit card)
  • CPD cycle date
  • Health authority letter of reappointment (for verifying hospital privileges)
  • Certificate(s) of professional conduct
    • If the registrant has worked in another jurisdiction in the past 12 months and does not have out of province status, or if the registrant has signed undertakings to waive the requirements in accordance with section 25.3 of the HPA, certificate(s) of professional conduct must be sent directly from the appropriate regulatory body(ies) to the College.

Use a computer—the form cannot be completed on a tablet or mobile device

The licence renewal process is best experienced using a PC or Mac. Mobile devices, smart phones, tablets and iPads are not supported.

Update the web browser

Install the most recent version of the web browser. Optimum browsers include Internet Explorer 11, Safari 7.1, Mozilla Firefox 45, Google Chrome 70 or better. Optimum operating systems include Windows 8 or OSX or better. Lower versions, other operating systems or browsers may cause viewing or loading issues.

Schedule time to complete the form

It takes approximately 30 minutes to answer the entire form. There are nine sections within the questionnaire:

  1. Physician information
  2. Licence information
  3. Privileges and Jurisdictions
  4. Clinical practice information
  5. Practice procedures
  6. Professional liability coverage or protection
  7. Physician health
  8. Training and learning
  9. Consent

Answers can be saved by clicking the Continue button at the end of each section. For security reasons, the form is set to time out after one (1) hour of inactivity.

Review contact information

Review and update contact information before January—this will help save time during the renewal process. If there is a change in a registrant’s address information throughout the year, the registrant must make the update within 14 days of the effective date of the change.

Renewal fee

The 2020 renewal fee of C$1,715 can be paid in one of three ways online:

  • by credit card
  • by debit credit card
  • by Interac® Online

Confirmation email and receipts

Receipts are ready within two (2) to five (5) business days after completion of the entire licence renewal process. To access the receipts, log in, click the Financial tab under My Account.

More details on annual licence renewal can be found here.