Quick access to ebooks through the College library’s online catalogue

Books are uniquely positioned to contextualize complex and wide-reaching clinical concerns and gather disparate research studies on focused topics. Electronic books (ebooks) have an added advantage in that they can be accessed at any time online.  

Registrants have access to over 600 ebooks through the College library’s catalogue. Topics cover the full range of medical specialties including: 

Click on the title of the book and then click on the "Media Link." Login with College website credentials is required.

The ebooks are sourced from a variety of publishers, so the platforms for presenting and navigating content vary accordingly. As with all information sources, individual ebooks must be judged for quality before using for clinical decision-making. Considerations include currency, qualifications and availability of the authors, justification of evidence base by attribution to valid information sources, peer review, and transparency of conflicts of interest. Furthermore, the digital format of ebooks may be judged by a variety of criteria including the utility of search tools and hyperlinks within the resource as well as ongoing updating.

Of particular note for presentation of evidence, authority and currency are ebooks such as Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs (CHPD) Online, CHPD For Children and Adolescents Online, The Color Atlas and Synopsis of Family Medicine (2019), and Roberts and Hedges’ Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care (2019).

Registrants can request assistance with locating relevant ebooks or support with article delivery and literature searching by contacting the College library or using one of the library’s online request forms.