EvidenceAlerts with a College library connection

Over the years, the College library has received requests for a specialty-specific version of Cites & Bytes, a monthly compilation of recent, newsworthy, or locally interesting medical citations in family practice and internal medicine. Taking up the challenge, librarians experimented by increasing specialty content in Cites & Bytes. Unfortunately, the uptake was low and the effort was high, so the standard version returned, supplemented with a small “From the Specialties” section.  

Enter now: EvidenceAlerts, a free alerting service from the Health Information Research Unit at McMaster University that identifies important new publications in more than 30 specialties. The EvidenceAlerts results can be filtered by specialty and patient populations (neonates, pediatrics, adults, geriatrics). To create a new alert, register for free, search for terms of interest, and save the search strategy. Emailed alerts will arrive whenever new results are found. Articles from journals that are part of the College library’s subscriptions are available in full text in each EvidenceAlert.  

College registrants can enable this feature by selecting "College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC" under Account/Update profile/PubMed Outside Tool Institution. To locate full-text articles from the library’s collection, view article abstracts in the EvidenceAlerts results, select "View on PubMed" and use the teal-coloured "CPSBC Article Access" button.  

If the College library does not have a subscription to a certain journal, a form will automatically display that will send a request for the article to the library. The library can locate copies of almost all articles quickly and, in most cases, for free.  A short user guide to setting up links from EvidenceAlerts to College library articles can be found here.