Walking a mile in your shoes: the Diagnostic Accreditation Program gets assessed

The DAP recently underwent its third on-site assessment since 2011 by the International Society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA). This latest cycle started back in December 2018 when the DAP submitted its self-assessment (105 pages) and 278 pieces of evidence (documents and records) and culminated with an on-site assessment from April 23 to 26, 2019. The assessment team included three accreditors from the United States, Australia and India.

Over four days of assessment, the DAP team:

  • Participated in 11 scheduled assessment meetings and two report-out meetings

  • Interviewed College employees, the DAP Committee chair, peer assessors, and diagnostic facility representatives (in total, 28 individuals from the College and 10 individuals external to the College participated in this assessment)

  • Validated the self-assessment and requested more than 60 additional pieces of evidence 

The evaluated standards include:

  • Standard 1: Governance

  • Standard 2: Strategic, Operations and Financial Management

  • Standard 3: Risk Management and Performance Improvement

  • Standard 4: Human Resources Management

  • Standard 5: Information Management

  • Standard 6: Surveyor Management

  • Standard 7: Survey and Client Management

  • Standard 8: Accreditation or Certification Awards

At the end of the very thorough assessment, the DAP team reported its findings to senior management followed by a detailed presentation to the entire DAP staff and their partners in human resources, information technology and finance. The team noted strengths and improvement opportunities for each of the assessed standards. In total, there were 17 areas of improvement identified. The DAP will be required to report its progress to the accreditation body twice during the four-year cycle.

Anticipated improvements will make the Diagnostic Accreditation Program even stronger.

External assessment requires organizational effort, but it ensures the DAP is aligned with other international health-care accreditation practices; and that should be reassuring news for the diagnostic facilities of British Columbia.

Did you know? IEEA also has an international standard for the development of health-care standards. The College’s Diagnostic Accreditation Program’s diagnostic imaging and laboratory medicine standards were each evaluated and awarded IEEA accreditation in the past six months.