2019 annual licence renewal begins January 1

Annual licence renewal begins January 1, 2019. Here’s what registrants need to know.

Important dates to note

January 1, 2019: start of annual licence renewal
February 1, 2019: deadline to complete the Annual Licence Renewal Form and payment of fees
March 1, 2019: penalties applied for late licence renewal or late payment of fees
April 1, 2019: suspension for non-renewal of licensure or non-payment of fees

Note: Due to scheduled maintenance on the College website, the Annual Licence Renewal Form will not be available on February 9 and 10.

Getting started

Use a computer—the form cannot be completed on a tablet or mobile device
The licence renewal process is best experienced using a PC or Mac. Mobile devices or smart phones, including tablets and iPads, are not supported.

Update web browser
It is best practice to have the most recent version of a web browser installed on your computer. Optimum browsers include Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Mozilla Firefox 14, Google Chrome 46 or better. Optimum operating systems include Windows 7 or OSX 9 or better. Lower versions, other operating systems or browsers may cause viewing or loading issues.

Gather documents

  • BC driver’s licence
  • Method of payment (credit or debit card)
  • CPD cycle date
  • Health authority letter of reappointment (for verifying hospital privileges)

Update contact information
Log in to the College website to update your primary business address and email before January—this will save you some time during the renewal process.

  1. Log in
    You will need your CPSID and password to log in and complete the renewal questionnaire.
    Did you forget your password? Follow these instructions to reset your password.
  2. Set a primary business address/publishable address
    Registrants are required by statute to provide their current contact information to the College, including their professional mailing address(es), and telephone/fax number(s). Provide one publishable business address to be displayed to the public in the physician directory. This is for contact and publication purposes.

    Note: if you have only provided one address and that address is your home address, it will be published on the physician directory. Ensure you have made the necessary updates by adding a publishable business address as your primary address—this could be a PO box address.
  3. Email address
    For completion of the annual licence renewal process, you must also provide your current email address. Add the College to the safe senders list to ensure that important notifications do not end up in the spam or junk email folder.

    Your email address is not shared with third-party agencies and is not visible in the online physician directory. For more information, please refer to the College’s corporate policy regarding Distribution of Information/Material On Behalf of Third Parties via Broadcast Email or Other Communication Channel.

To renew

Complete all the sections of the renewal process
It should not take more than 20 minutes.

Most questions remain the same on the 2019 Annual Licence Renewal Form, with the addition of new or updated questions regarding the following topics:

  • Practice setting and scope of practice
  • ICBC registered care advisors
  • Aboriginal health professionals

Save responses
If you started your renewal form partway but need more time to complete later, save your answers by completing all the questions in that section. Click Continue at the end of the section to save your entered data.

For security reasons, the form is set to timeout after 1 hour of inactivity. You will need to log in again and re-enter your unsaved answers.

At the end of the questions and prior to submitting the online form, you will be asked to certify that the information provided is truthful, accurate and complete. The College expects you to complete your own Annual Licence Renewal Form. It is not acceptable for registrants to ask a medical office assistant, spouse or partner to complete the form on their behalf.

Pay the amount owing 
Your 2019 renewal fee of $1,700 can be paid in one of three ways online:

  • By credit card
  • By debit credit card
  • By Interac® Online

Note: online banking is not a payment option.

Confirmation email and receipts
Once your form has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from the College. Receipts are ready within two (2) to five (5) business days after completion of the entire licence renewal process. To access the receipts, log in, click the Financial tab under My Account.

More details on annual licence renewal can be found here.