Lexi-Interact drug interaction checker in RxTx

One of the top categories of information that physicians seek is drug therapy.1 Drug interactions are an important aspect within this topic. Any tool for analyzing potential drug interactions should be accurate, comprehensive, easy to use, and explicit in the evidence base for risk assessment.  

RxTx is a drug information resource comprised the Lexi-Interact drug interaction checker, drug monographs (the CPS), and therapeutic decision-making support (Therapeutic Choices). Lexi-Interact is notable for its detailed and nuanced interaction information and is superior to other popular interaction checkers for accuracy and comprehensiveness.2

For each analysis of drug-drug or drug-food combinations, Lexi-Interact succinctly reports the presence or absence of a known interaction along with a risk rating for action (no action needed, monitor therapy, avoid combination, etc.). Furthermore, a detailed monograph for each interaction includes dependencies (subtleties such as variation in risk according to dose of the interacting drugs), reliability of the risk rating, discussion of evidence for the interaction, recommendations for patient management, and references to supporting literature.

College registrants are welcome to use Lexi-Interact and the other RxTx components through the RxTx link on the library’s Point of Care and Drug Tools page.  

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2 Kheshti R, Aalipour M, Namazi S. A comparison of five common drug-drug interaction software programs regarding accuracy and comprehensiveness. J Res Pharm Pract. 2016 Oct-Dec;5(4):257-263.