Working towards the provincial goal of 100% hand hygiene compliance

Based upon accreditation findings over the last few years, non-hospital facilities are encouraged to review the following as they continue to work towards the provincial goal of 100% hand hygiene compliance:


  • Hand hygiene practices: ensure all staff perform hand hygiene at essential moments, e.g. before initial contact with a patient or items in their environment, before putting on gloves, immediately after removing gloves.
  • Hand hygiene products: ensure all hand hygiene sinks are equipped with a liquid soap dispenser and a hands-free paper towel dispenser. Single-use products, e.g. soap, alcohol-based hand rub dispensers are preferred and should be discarded when empty. Refilling hand hygiene products is not permitted.
  • Hand hygiene education: ensure all health-care providers receive hand hygiene education training and periodic retraining. Various hand hygiene education modules are available including an online provincial training course, Provincial Hand Hygiene Basics. In addition, hand hygiene posters with instructions regarding when and how to perform hand hygiene are to be posted at each hand hygiene sink including staff, patient and visitor washrooms.