New website login process for registrants—action is required

To ensure uninterrupted service following the transition to the new system, please take note of the following:

  1. You must have a unique email address to log in to the website
  • To maximize privacy, all registrants will be required to have a unique email address associated with their own online profile. To avoid login issues during the annual licence renewal in January 2015, if you are currently sharing an email address with another registrant (e.g. spouse, partner, clinic) you are required to update your account with a unique email address by August 29, 2014. Email addresses can be updated by logging in to the College website.
  • Note: Failure to provide a unique email address prior to the go-live date will prevent login to the College website.
  1. You will need to reset your password at first login
  • Registrants’ passwords on the current legacy system are encrypted and cannot be transferred to the new system. Upon logging in to the College website for the first time following the go-live date, you will need to use the “reset password” feature to set up a new encrypted password. Attempts to login with your current password will result in a failure message.
  1. You are limited to one home and two business addresses on your registrant profile
  • The new system has capacity to store a maximum of three addresses in total for each registrant—one home address and up to two business addresses. If you currently have more than two business addresses or more than one home address associated with your profile, you will be required to log in and delete addresses, and reset your preferred addresses. You must also indicate which address you would like to use as your primary address for College-related matters. Addresses will appear in the online physician directory in the order they are entered. Please be advised that if you do not self-select the preferred addresses you would like the College to retain by the go-live date, the new system will randomly and automatically force a selection.
  • Note: Your home address will not appear in the online physician directory unless it is the only address you have provided to the College.
  1. Enabling security questions is always a good idea
  • If you have not already done so, please activate security questions for your online profile for enhanced protection of privacy. The option to enable security questions is listed as a task under My Tasks on your profile page.