Updates from the Methadone Maintenance Program

Reviewing the transition to Methadose

The Methadone Maintenance Committee met recently and reviewed the implementation of PharmaCare’s coverage of Methadose.

The transition to Methadose was challenging for methadone prescribers, and the committee thanks those physicians who collaborated with patients, other physicians, pharmacists, and College staff to address the issues that arose, and to those who sent in constructive advice about process improvements.

As a result of this input, the College will be recommending the following changes to the methadone prescription pad:

  • making the date format consistent with the duplicate prescription pad
  • enlarging the start/end-date boxes
  • enlarging the total dose box
  • reducing the size of the home delivery box

Methadone prescribers may contact the methadone program at methadone@cpsbc.ca.

The Methadone Maintenance Program makes recommendations to Health Canada regarding physicians obtaining authorizations to prescribe methadone as exemptions under section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.