Enabling efficiencies in professional regulation

In 2011, the Board made operational efficiency a top priority and committed the necessary resources to transition the College to an electronically enabled organization within five years. The ultimate objective of this renewal is to ensure that the College has the most productive systems, processes and people to deliver on its mandate of public protection in accordance with its values: transparent, objective, impartial, and fair. Internally, this organizational transformation is referred to as CaSPeR (College System and Process Renewal).

The transformation (CaSPeR) involves the implementation of a single web-based solution (iMIS), which will enable full integration and information sharing between the College’s departments and functions, and other relevant organizations such as health authorities. Through enhanced automation of current paper-based business processes—e.g. registering new physicians, processing requests for certificates of professional conduct, and managing complaint files—the College expects to realize significant operational efficiencies, enhanced security of records, and improved opportunities to monitor, analyze and report on performance measures.

While CaSPeR is largely an internal project, affecting College employees and how they conduct their day-to-day work, registrants can expect to see some changes, such as improved self-service options through the College website. Registrants will also note some minor changes to the look of the website, and slight differences in the navigation and login functionality. More information on these changes will be communicated by email prior to the launch of the first phase of iMIS in late May.

Download the CaSPeR diagram and vision statement here.