Volume 2 | No. 2 | March / April 2014

Registrar's message

This article is in follow-up to the recent email message sent to all registrants about their legal and ethical duty to report a child in need of protection to the appropriate authority. I want to personally thank those of you who took the time to share your concerns with the College about access to mental health services for children and youth. There is no doubt that the challenges of addressing complex issues of poverty, violence, mental health and addiction are significant in BC.

Enabling efficiencies in professional regulation

In 2011, the Board made operational efficiency a top priority and committed the necessary resources to transition the College to an electronically enabled organization within five years. The ultimate objective of this renewal is to ensure that the College has the most productive systems, processes and people to deliver on its mandate of public protection in accordance with its values: transparent, objective, impartial, and fair. Internally, this organizational transformation is referred to as CaSPeR (College System and Process Renewal).

The College Connector is sent to every current registrant of the College. Decisions of the College on matters of standards and guidelines are contained in this publication. The College therefore assumes that each registrant is aware of these matters. Questions or comments about this publication should be directed to communications@cpsbc.ca.

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