Updates from the Physician Practice Enhancement Program

Constructive feedback on new multi-source feedback assessment

In February 2013, the College introduced a multi-source feedback (MSF) assessment (known as Physician Achievement Review (PAR) in other provinces) in conjunction with its peer practice reviews as part of the community-based Physician Performance Enhancement Program (PPEP). The College launched this program in order to obtain more information about a registrant’s medical practice than can be obtained by the peer practice review alone—bearing in mind that the focus of both assessments is to provide registrants with information from which to make practice improvements. To date, the PPEP has conducted over 500 MSF assessments.

The College recently polled a number of registrants for their opinion on their perceived value of MSF and whether or not it had resulted in changes in their clinical practice. While the response to the questionnaire is still quite limited, the College obtained valuable information from which to embark on some changes.

The data revealed that the vast majority of registrants were pleased with the MSF information, particularly if it reaffirmed their self-perceived good standard of medical practice. However, a number of registrants with less complimentary feedback took exception to the program being of value. They argued that while the peer practice review provided a face-to-face discussion and engagement with a peer reviewer, the MSF component provided only a report, which was sometimes incongruous with the physician’s expectation and devoid of any collegial guidance for remediation. To this end, the program has engaged two physician consultants to help registrants navigate contentious MSF reports and to offer remedial guidance.

The MSF assessment module has over 19 years of collective Canadian experience. As with many new programs, the College expects healthy questioning as to its purpose and results, and will continue to gauge the value of this program and respond to the constructive suggestions of registrants.

The Physician Practice Enhancement Program is a collegial program that proactively assesses and educates physicians to ensure they meet high standards of practice throughout their professional lives. The goal of the program is to promote quality improvement in community-based physicians’ medical practice by highlighting areas of excellence and identifying opportunities for professional development.