Special feature – 2014 annual licence renewal is almost here

Annual licence renewal begins January 1, 2014. Here’s what you need to know.


Use the right technology and systems

  • The Annual Licence Renewal Form is best experienced using a PC or a Mac. Mobile devices or smart phones are not yet supported.
  • It is best practice to have the most recent version of a web browser installed on your computer.
    • Optimum browsers include Internet Explorer 7, Safari 5, Firefox 14 or better.
    • Optimum operating systems include Windows XP or OSX 9 or better.
    • Lower versions, other operating systems or browsers may cause viewing problems.

Gather your documents
A few things to have on hand before starting the online renewal process include:

  1. Your BC driver’s licence
  2. Your method of payment (debit or credit card or online banking details)
  3. Your CPD cycle date


  1. Login
    The College launched its new website in August and with it comes a new, simpler login for registrants. To log in to the website and begin your licence renewal you will need your CPSID and password. (A web security code is no longer required.)

    TIP: Learn more about logging in to the College website at https://www.cpsbc.ca/login-qa
  2. Click 2014 Annual Licence Renewal
    Once logged in, you will land on the My Tasks page. Simply click the 2014 Annual Licence Renewal link.
  3. Confirm / Update Contact Information
    You can add, delete or change contact information in this section of the form.

    TIP: Log in to the College website to update your mailing and email address before January—this will save you some time during the renewal process.

    IMPORTANT—At least one contact address must be published on the College website and made accessible to the public. As of January 1, 2014, if that one address on file is a home address, it will be published. Please ensure you have made the necessary updates by adding a business address—this could be a PO Box address.
  4. Questions
    There are approximately 25 questions to complete. The majority of registrants complete the entire process in 15 minutes.

    Most questions remain the same on the 2014 renewal form and some have been updated or slightly altered in their appearance to ensure a positive user experience. However, a few new questions have been added.
  5. NEW Questions

    Driver’s licence number
    You will be asked if you have a BC driver’s licence and if so, will be required to provide your driver’s licence number in order to fulfill the requirements of a criminal record check in accordance with sections 13–15 of the Criminal Records Review Act.

    Privileges at a public hospital
    Like years past, you will be asked to indicate all the hospitals at which you hold privileges. However, this year you will be asked to identify the type of privileges (active, provisional, locum, associate or temporary) you hold at the given hospital. It is a simple chart to fill in by using the drop down menu.

    Previous names
    One question asks you to identify other names you have used in the past. For example, this could include a maiden name, birth name or a previous married name.
  6. Certification / Declaration
    At the end of the questions and prior to submitting the online form, registrants will be asked to certify that the information provided is truthful, accurate and complete.
  7. Submit Form and Payment
    Your renewal fee can be paid in one of three ways online:
    1.  By credit card
    2.  By Interac® Online - Use your BMO, RBC, Scotiabank, or TD Canada Trust debit card.
    3.  By online banking - Go to your online bank, log in and set up the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC as a payee. Submit a payment exactly like you would do with a hydro or cable bill.
  8. Confirmation Email and Receipts
    Once your form has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email from the College. You will also be emailed a receipt.

More details on licence renewal (including fees) will be sent to registrants via email in December.