Updates from the Prescription Review Program

Advice for patients about long-term opioid therapy (LTOT)

The College is often asked for patient information resources to assist with the challenging risk/benefit analysis that attends a decision to begin or continue a trial of opioid therapy for chronic non-cancer pain (CNCP).

Dr. Michael Evans of Toronto has set himself the ambitious goal of reinventing patient education. His website, My Favourite Medicine, has much to offer, including this eleven-minute whiteboard animation video titled: Best Advice for People Taking Opioid Medication

Produced with the assistance of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), it presents a cautious perspective—one shared by the Prescription Review Program. Physicians and patients will find it accessible and helpful. In fact, registrants may consider making it required viewing next time they renew an opioid prescription. What was once considered a good idea is now a cause for concern.

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