New website coming soon

A revitalized College website is scheduled for launch in late summer. The new website will feature

  • improved navigation
  • enhanced search capabilities
  • a fresh, contemporary design
  • easier login
  • compatibility with mobile devices

At a later phase, the new website will also allow College registrants to grant access to their accounts to secondary users such as medical office staff. By enabling a secondary user, registrants can assign certain online tasks to others on their behalf such as updating their practice status or contact information. By logging in to the website, secondary users, like registrants, will also have access to the expanded view of the online registrant directory, which includes MSP and fax numbers.

Registrants are reminded that the College no longer produces a printed medical directory, and are encouraged to use the online registrant directory to locate contact information for colleagues. The online directory extracts real-time data directly from the College’s register.

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