Registrar's message

I am very pleased to introduce the College’s new electronic newsletter, the College Connector which replaces the long-standing printed newsletter, the College Quarterly. The new newsletter will be published and distributed electronically six times a year. The College Connector endeavours to connect registrants and other stakeholders with the work and activities of the College. It will include articles on College programs, new standards and guidelines, applicable laws and legislation, cases and recommendations, College-sponsored CME courses, and other matters related to the regulation of the profession.

The views, advice and direction contained in the College Connector represent the official position of the College. Third party submissions will be relevant to all physicians, and relate to organizations, events or programs which the College either directly supports or is involved with in some capacity.

H.M. Oetter, MD

We hope registrants and other readers enjoy this new method of receiving College news. We welcome your feedback.

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