Volume 1 | No. 1 | July / August 2013

Registrar's message

Introducing the College Connector
Farewell College Quarterly, hello College Connector—the College’s new e-newsletter.

I am very pleased to introduce the College’s new electronic newsletter, the College Connector which replaces the long-standing printed newsletter, the College Quarterly. The new newsletter will be published and distributed electronically six times a year.

A learning adventure

Unplanned or “emergent” learning occurs when the learner is open to new serendipitously found information and incorporates it into their knowledge base¹. This adventurous approach to learning can ultimately change a physician’s practice. Cites & Bytes, the College library’s monthly newsletter, is designed to support this informal medical learning by presenting a selection of citations from the current literature for physicians to identify new information relevant to their own practice. 

The College Connector is sent to every current registrant of the College. Decisions of the College on matters of standards and guidelines are contained in this publication. The College therefore assumes that each registrant is aware of these matters. Questions or comments about this publication should be directed to communications@cpsbc.ca.

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