Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions are released to BC media outlets and are published on the College website.

Journalists reporting on these actions are reminded that the name and location of the physicians should be provided in full to avoid confusion with any other physician who may have a similar name or initials. Disciplinary actions are listed here for ten years.

Dabbs, Ronald HaroldMay 22, 2012
White, Brian ArthurMar 26, 2012
Outerbridge, Arthur RossFeb 10, 2012
Parmar, Mansukhlal MavjiJan 5, 2012
Lee, Shui HingAug 22, 2011
Abdulla, Alnoor Hassanali KarimAug 4, 2011
Athwal, Kamaljit SinghJul 15, 2011
Theocharous, SpirosMay 26, 2011
Karon, Stanley FrankApr 28, 2011
Clelland, Margaret JaneApr 18, 2011