April 16, 2015   | Posted in: Announcements

College Bylaw Amendment

On January 30, 2015 and March 27, 2015, the College Board approved amendments to sections 1-16, 1-18, 1-19, 1-20, 1-22, 1-23, 1-24, and 1-27 and the creation of a new section, Part 9 of the Bylaws under the Health Professions Act, RSBC 1996, c.183 (HPA).

Through its Bylaws, the College has established activities that permit the assessment of the professional performance of a registrant. The current Bylaws require these committees to report to the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) which in turn reports to the Board. To increase the Board’s oversight of these activities, the proposed amended Bylaws permit the QAC to meet in panels, and for each panel to report directly to the Board. The Ethics Committee will be repealed and its important responsibilities, including reviewing ethical standards and guidelines, will be incorporated into the Patient Relations Committee, which will report to the Board. The repositioning of the Ethics Committee responsibility to another committee of the Board more properly aligns with guidance to the profession on ethical and professional responsibilities as a non-quality assurance activity. 

The new section (Part 9) details the range of quality assurance activities that the College Board may direct any of the QAC panels to do, including the assessment of the professional performance of the registrant, as well as activities related to administration of the Methadone Maintenance Program and the review of prescribing of controlled drugs. All such activities will continue to be subject to important confidentiality provisions as set out in section 26.2 of the HPA

Lastly, the proposed amended Bylaws shift the responsibility to communicate information to the public regarding the complaints and disciplinary process from the Patient Relations Committee to the Inquiry Committee of the College. The responsibilities of the Inquiry Committee will also include reporting to the Board on disciplinary and complaint matters.

The Bylaws amendments have been posted for a 90-day notification period, giving College registrants and other interested parties the opportunity to review and comment.

For more information, please visit the Bylaw Amendments page.

The 90-day notification period for review and comment is now closed.