Mission, Mandate and Values

Our mission

Serving the public by regulating physicians and surgeons.

Our mandate

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia regulates the practice of medicine under the authority of provincial law. All physicians who practise medicine in the province must be registrants of the College.

The College’s overriding interest is the protection and safety of patients. The role of the College is to ensure physicians meet expected standards of practice and conduct.

Regulation of the medical profession is based on the foundation that the College must act first and foremost in the interest of the public. The primary function of the College is to ensure that physicians are qualified, competent and fit to practise medicine. The College administers processes for responding to complaints from patients and for taking action if a physician is practising in a manner that is incompetent, unethical or illegal. The College also administers a number of quality assurance activities to ensure physicians remain competent throughout their professional lives.

Our values


  • Regulatory processes and policies are clear, accessible and applied consistently
  • Information about the mandate and work of the College is readily available and easy to understand
  • Relevant information about registrants and accredited facilities is accessible to the public
  • Public is involved in regulatory proceedings and policy development


  • Regulatory decisions are evidence-based and rationale is clearly explained and defensible
  • Board and committee membership is diverse, reflective of the public, and inclusive of a broad range of opinion, perspective, qualification and experience


  • Regulatory processes and decisions are unprejudiced and free of bias
  • Board and committee members identify and address perceived or real conflict of interest in advance of proceedings
  • All points of view are heard and considered


  • Regulatory processes and proceedings are conducted according to established rules of order and the law
  • All individuals are treated equally with dignity, courtesy and respect, and without discrimination